Custom-Trained LLMs: Tailored Precision for Your Firm

In today's digital-driven legal landscape, precision and personalization stand paramount. At CaseMark, we understand that every law firm has its unique nuances, workflows and data. That's why we're proud to offer our Custom-Trained LLM solution, designed to amplify the efficiency and specificity of your legal operations.

Benefits of Custom-Trained LLMs

CaseMark works closely with your team to identify, tag and classify up to 5,000 documents that represent the best of the work at your firm. This preprocessed data becomes a unique asset that future-proofs your firm.

With LLMs tailored to your firm's exact needs, watch as tasks from contract reviews to case research are executed with heightened accuracy and efficiency.

We already hear from our customers that AI is having impacts on client conversations. Making sure your firm stays relevant and with the times in an affordable and pragmatic way is the surest path to iterating through these disruptive times. CaseMark is happy to serve as your guide.

Our Custom-Trained LLMs effortlessly integrate with CaseMark's renowned Workflow and Productivity Suites, ensuring a streamlined, all-in-one solution that elevates every aspect of your operations.

Your Customization Journey

Steps for Custom-Trained LLMs with CaseMark

  • Consultation & Data Gathering: Initiate your journey with a consultation where our team will understand your specific needs. Following this, we’ll gather and help you classify the essential data that makes your firm unique. The output of this phase is helpful no matter where you end up in your AI journey.

  • LLM Fine-Tuning: Our team will employ your data to refine and customize the LLM, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your firm’s practices, terminologies, and nuances. We work closely with several vetted partners to achieve this quickly leveraging the best-of-breed solutions.

  • Integration & Training: Once tailored, we’ll seamlessly integrate your Custom-Trained LLM into CaseMark’s Workflow and Productivity Suites. You can also utilize this LLM within your own private Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS or Google Cloud infrastructure. Additionally, we’ll guide your team through the features, ensuring you harness its full potential.

  • Continuous Support & Optimization: Our relationship doesn’t end post-integration. We provide continuous support, ensuring your LLM remains updated and optimized for any evolving needs. As the market continues to change, we'll be there to guide you through iterations on your chosen LLM or help you efficiently test the waters with the latest/greatest solutions hitting the market.