Announcing the Launch of our LLM Routing Engine

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May 30, 2024
Announcing the Launch of our LLM Routing Engine

At CaseMark, we are thrilled to announce the internal launch of our LLM Routing Engine.

Our customers expect the highest standards of security and privacy in our platform, which we consider fundamental. Beyond that, they seek a partner who can guide them through the transformative decade ahead, as AI tools become integral to the legal profession. To meet this need, we've developed a solution that remains both cloud-provider and LLM agnostic, ensuring we deliver the most compelling, cost-effective, efficient, and accurate solutions. The LLM Routing Engine embodies these efforts.

Early on, we realized that simply integrating OpenAI APIs would not suffice to build a compelling business. Our customers have grown wary of OpenAI’s ability to meet the stringent security and privacy demands of the legal profession. While we do utilize OpenAI LLMs, we do so within Microsoft Azure’s secure cloud infrastructure. Additionally, we now leverage a broad range of models across AWS and Google Cloud for various workflows. This flexibility allows us to utilize the best solutions available, delivering a cost-effective and highly accurate solution for our customers.

The CaseMark LLM Routing engine gives us the flexibility to be cloud and LLM agnostic.

Another critical reason for developing our LLM Routing Engine was to address issues around sensitive topics that often trigger content filtering. Major LLM providers like Meta, Alphabet, Anthropic, and OpenAI have robust content filtering to prevent misuse, such as generating harmful information. However, this filtering can hinder our customers' ability to address sensitive issues like loss of consortium, sexual assault, or hate crimes—topics prevalent in family law, criminal, and civil rights cases. Our LLM Routing Engine enables us to route around these content filters, ensuring our premium customers can continue their important work without interruption.

We are confident that our LLM Routing Engine will empower our customers to navigate the evolving legal landscape with cutting-edge AI solutions that uphold the highest standards of security, privacy, and effectiveness.


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