Announcing Productivity Tools for Word - Free, Legal-Focused AI Right in Microsoft Word

CaseMark Productivity is now integrated directly into Google Chrome and Microsoft Word bringing the power of genreative-AI, free to everyone in the legal profession.

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August 7, 2023
Announcing Productivity Tools for Word - Free, Legal-Focused AI Right in Microsoft Word

When we started CaseMark a few months ago, we knew that the pace of innovation in the AI space was already moving quickly. We've seen a few disruptive technology cycles like this in the past but this one feels significantly faster. The tools lend themselves to self-iteration and with the broad consumer adoption of ChatGPT, we're seeing it permeate into the enterprise far more quickly than other technological shifts have.

Do you remember the mobile phone you used before the iPhone came along? Probably not. In that way, AI is having its "iPhone moment" in that ChatGPT has come along to show what's now possible and at the same time reveals a path forward that will take years to manifest but is ultimately inevitable.

We're excited to announce that our CaseMark Addin for Microsoft Word is available today in the Microsoft Appsource marketplace or you can grab it directly from Word you have running on your computer. Not only that, we're also pleased to announce that Workflow is free for everyone to use.

Productivity for Microsoft Word is more than just an assistive-AI tool for drafting documents, doing research and summarization. Productivity for Word supports unlimited sessions, easy document summarization and the ability to suggest from selected text. Coupled with our already released Chrome Extension, you can now completely integrate AI into your daily workflows allowing you to save countless hours on repetitive tasks.

And this is just the start.

In the coming years, Assistive-AI for the legal industry is going to be table stakes, much like having a smart phone is critical to success; after all, you can't get far with that flip phone in a post-iPhone world. CaseMark Productivity is the first of several new products we'll be bringing to market that allow legal professionals to fully take advantage of AI as well as lean into the work and expertise of others.

We've seen these disruptive cycles before and the most powerful forces become the collaborative forces of communities that coalesce around the emerging technology. This is why we believe making Workflow free for everyone is an element to success we want to embrace immediately.

We would love your feedback on what we're building here so don't hesitate to reach out.

Productivity for Microsoft Word

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