CaseMark Announces Abstract Insights and Hyperlinked Source Transcripts

Explore CaseMark's latest deposition summary enhancements, offering Instant Abstracts, Seamless Navigation, and Flexible Formats to revolutionize your legal practice with unmatched efficiency and insight.

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March 26, 2024
CaseMark Announces Abstract Insights and Hyperlinked Source Transcripts

Speed, Security, and Scalability: Delivering on Our Unwavering Commitments

At CaseMark, we're thrilled to unveil our latest upgrade to the deposition summary solution, making legal professionals' lives easier and more efficient. Our new features are designed to revolutionize how you interact with deposition transcripts:

  • Instant Abstracts: Every summary now comes with a deposition abstract, providing a concise overview of the key points of the entire transcript.
  • Seamless Navigation: Hyperlinks in our page-line summaries offer direct access to the source deposition transcript that is appended to the final summary.
  • Flexible Formats: Download summaries in your preferred format, Word or PDF, only moments after uploading your transcript.

Download an example of our latest page-line deposition PDF summary with hyperlink output.

Enhanced Usability for Legal Professionals

Dive into your deposition summaries with ease. Our innovative features allow you to:

  • Download and Share: Generate a page-line summary ready for download and sharing, whether it's integrated into your case management solution or forwarded to an insurance adjuster.
  • Efficient Testimony Retrieval: Find specific testimonies effortlessly within the source transcript, thanks to our hyperlink feature and appended source transcript.

Beyond Summaries: Deposition Interrogation

Our commitment to innovation doesn't stop at summaries. CaseMark remains the only provider of deposition interrogation capabilities, allowing attorneys to ask ChatGPT-like questions giving the ability to interact with your source transcripts via AI, enhancing your command over the testimony and impacting litigation outcomes.

Our Promise: Privacy, Speed, and Scalability

CaseMark continues to lead with:

  • Unmatched Privacy and Security: Safeguarding your data remains our top priority as outlined by our security promise.
  • Unparalleled Speed: Experience the fastest deposition summary generation in the market getting you answers in minutes, not hours.
  • Scalable Solutions: Our Workflow API caters to the largest partners, offering white-label deposition summaries at scale, custom tailored to your client's needs.

Join the Future of Litigation Support

Discover how our advanced AI technology and the latest features can streamline your legal processes. For more information or to start leveraging these new capabilities, reach out to schedule a demo to learn more today.


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