CaseMark Workflow Updates: 5:1 Page-Line Summaries, Chat Interrogation and Multiple-Volume Support

Discover how CaseMark's latest updates transform deposition summaries, offering unparalleled flexibility and precision for legal experts.

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March 6, 2024
CaseMark Workflow Updates: 5:1 Page-Line Summaries, Chat Interrogation and Multiple-Volume Support

We’re excited to announce several new features and updates to our deposition summaries here at CaseMark! We strive to listen to our customers and deliver the most robust and feature rich AI-assisted deposition summary solutions on the market. While we continue to build new features and functionality, we do it all without compromising on our unparalleled security promise.

Workflow Updates

5:1 page-line summaries: By default, we offer our 10:1 page-line summaries. We’re able to take 10 pages of deposition transcript and condense it into a single page of page-line summary. Sometimes that isn't quite detailed enough and our customers asked for the option of a 5-to-1 version and we’ve delivered. When you go to select a page-line summary workflow, you can now specify the 5:1 option. Just like our 10:1 page-line summaries, these are available for download in text, PDF and Word file formats.

Multi-volume deposition transcript support: Customers have asked and we have listened! You can now upload multiple files from a series of depositions into a single narrative or page-line summary workflow and get a single summary back. Now you can summarize those large, multi-day depositions in a snap.

Chat interrogation: One of the most compelling features we offer is the ability to interrogate a given deposition transcript beyond just the summary. Once we have finished either a narrative or page-line summary, we give you the option to dive in and ask specific questions via a secure, ChatGPT-like interface. This feature is really effective as attorneys are headed into trial or arbitration. Being able to specifically recall elements of a transcript with a few key taps is a massive differentiator for our customers when it is crunch time.

Mobile updates: About a full one-quarter of our usage is from mobile users whether on phones or tablets. We’ve updated our mobile view to be significantly more usable and snappy. This, coupled with our chat interrogation, give our users a powerful tool that works anywhere they go.

And don’t forget, all of these features are available today via our Workflow API as well. This means that if you’re looking to integrate any of our deposition summaries into your existing legal tech solutions or even your own website, you can do so seamlessly via our white-glove, white-label implementation services giving you AI-enabled workflows in a ridiculously short amount of time. Reach out to our sales team to setup an introductory call.


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