Advanced AI Summaries for Court Reporting: Precision and Efficiency Redefined

Transform your court reporting with our state-of-the-art AI-enabled summaries, designed to offer you new ways to monetize your services. Experience the pinnacle of deposition summaries tailored specifically for the modern court reporter.

CaseMark Solutions

CaseMark's platform provides court reporters with improved efficiency by offering new services they can deliver to their existing customers.

Deposition Summaries for Court Reporters

  • Value-add Summaries: In addition to offering your transcript to clients, you can now add on our advanced deposition summaries available in page-line, narrative and memo (combined) format.

  • Real-Time Summaries: Upload your transcript to our platform and in minutes you'll have your completed summary customized to your branding to be made available to your customers.

  • Deep Integration: Our Workflow platform allows for deep integrations via our APIs or white-labeling allowing you to offer these services complete with your branding and you maintain the relationship with the customer.

  • Secure Document Handling and Storage: Trust in our secure platform for all your court reporting documents. With top-tier encryption and data protection, manage and store sensitive legal transcripts confidently, ensuring client confidentiality and compliance with legal standards.