How can we help you? Our most frequently asked questions are listed below. We also offer training videos and chat support. If you have a question you can’t find an answer to, please send us a message via our contact page.

About CaseMark

How is CaseMark different from ChatGPT?
Your data will never be used to train large language models or be sold to third parties. Period.

CaseMark is a legal-first AI company focused specifically on delivering useful tools for the legal profession that takes their needs and priorities into account. We focus first on security and privacy and it is our guarantee that we will never use your sensitive data to train our large language models.

Being legal-first means we're also dedicated to building solutions that are affordable and help increase bandwidth of attorneys and maximize the bottom-line.

Why should I choose CaseMark over all the other legal tech companies that mention AI?
Picking any software vendor is hard. Chances are, you've been given the task to "figure out AI" because you're the law firm administrator, IT person, office manager or the 1st year associate with a TikTok account. We get it; this is a hard decision to make.

We believe that choosing a vendor should be looked at as a partnership. We're all navigating this disruptive cycle known as AI and to get through it, you need a partner who will work with you delivering the tools and support you need to maximize your business.

Who should use CaseMark?
CaseMark is for the solo practitioner, any size law firm, court reporter,  corporate counsel, litigation support organization or legaltech software company.

How long until I get started?
You can start right now! Access to our Word Add-In and Chrome Extension Productivity tool is free.

You can test our Workflow product with three free summaries. 

Where is CaseMark located?
CaseMark is a remote-first company, but our roots are in Portland, OR. You can contact us via chat, our contact form, or mail us at CaseMark AI, Inc. 500 SW 116th Avenue, Suite 170, Portland OR 97225

About Generative AI for legal summaries

Can Generative AI (GenAI) like ChatGPT, Mistral, Bard or LLAMA be used for legal summaries?
Yes, GenAI is a powerful tool to quickly extract and summarize information, saving legal teams time and money. CaseMark uses GenAI to  assist lawyers with document review and legal summaries such as depositions, medical chronologies or discovery response. 

How can I use ChatGPT or GenAI for legal summaries?
CaseMark uses generative AI within your existing workflow to summarize legal documents, extract key insights, generate filings, & more.

CaseMark features

How does CaseMark help legal teams achieve greater efficiency and cost savings?
CaseMark’s AI-driven workflows reduce labor costs and increase turnaround times for summaries, which can lead to improved profitability for law firms and in-house legal departments.

What use cases does CaseMark support?
We currently support the following use cases:
• Case Summaries
• Deposition Summaries
• Trial & Hearing Summaries
• Document & Contract Review
• Immigration Support Letters
• Discovery Response
• Medical Record Chronologies or Summaries

CaseMark offers a Workflow API and provides custom workflows as a service. Please contact us for pricing.

What types of integrations does CaseMark support?
CaseMark currently integrates with Microsoft Word and the Google Chrome browser. Integrations with popular law practice management software are coming soon. 

What LLMs does CaseMark use?
CaseMark is LLM agnostic. We currently support GPT3.5 and GPT4-turbo  but can integrate with your LLM of choice as a custom service. 

Do you provide training?
Yes! We offer a number of video tutorials. You can also ask questions using our in-app chat.

Do you offer support?
We are available for chat support from Monday through Friday during the West Coast business hours. The best way to reach us is through the chat function within CaseMark or via our contact form.

Security and Privacy

CaseMark protects your data and your clients' information with top security features and protocols. Our Security page provides more detail on  how we ensure enterprise-level security for all our customers.level security for all our customers. You can also view our live monitoring security portal for more details.CaseMark uses public cloud providers for all data center operations. All of our public cloud vendors are certified under SOC 2, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS.

We can support multiple data center regions from our providers to provide the most reliable and security services while providing the necessary data residency requirements.

Does OpenAI / ChatGPT store CaseMark’s customer data? 
CaseMark made the decision early on to build a platform that independent of any single AI vendor. OpenAI is a large company with competing demands that does not necessarily think about legal-first as being a priority. While we leverage some of the open source models (like GPT4-turbo and others) from OpenAI, we run them in private containers inside of Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services such that they have no communication whatsoever with OpenAI. This is true of all of the AI models that we run. By knowing exactly what and where we're running against your data, we can safely make the guarantee that we will never utilize your data for training purposes.

Is CaseMark SOC 2, Type 2 compliant?
Yes, CaseMark is currently undergoing a  SOC2 Type II audit and should be completed by April 2024.

Where does CaseMark store customer data? Do you have an EU data center?
CaseMark is a software as a service vendor. Our data is stored in secure data centers in…
We are cloud agnostic. For enterprise clients, data can be stored in the location and vendor of your choosing.

What compliance and certifications does CaseMark have?
CaseMark is compliant with SOC 1, SOC2, Type II, ISO27001, CCPA and GDPR.

Can I trust my sensitive filings and transcripts with CaseMark
CaseMark is built by a team if technology veterans who have been entrusted with some of the most sensitive data, delivered at Internet-scale for over 20+ years. Our partnership with Microsoft Azure sets us apart from other startups that simply run on top of OpenAI and it affords us the ability to be significantly more scalable, reliable and independent of any single AI vendor.

CaseMark will never use customer data to train our models or to sell to third party vendors. We are focused on building our brand around our security and privacy promise to our customers.

Does CaseMark integrate with any OAuth Identity Providers?
CaseMark offers Single Sign-On (SSO) using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) to enhance both security and user experience. 

How are payments securely processed?
CaseMark uses Stripe to support secure payments. Stripe holds the highest level of certification in the payments industry, being a certified PCI Service Provider Level 1. This ensures the utmost security in payment processing.  You can also work with our accounts payable team for direct billing. Contact us for details.

Does CaseMark have a confidentiality agreement in place?
All employees  are required to sign and adhere to an industry standard confidentiality agreement prior to their first day of work.

Does CaseMark conduct third party penetration testing and security audits?
CaseMark follows industry best practices and standards, regularly conducting security audits and penetration tests carried out by reputable third-party firms. If you have specific inquiries or concerns, please contact us, and we will be glad to assist.

Partnering with CaseMark

Can I license the CaseMark Workflow platform for use on my site or in my products?
Absolutely! We have a dedicated team focused on building the best-of-breed solutions for legal professionals. We specifically built our Workflow AI so you can white-label our platform directly into your existing legaltech application or website. Contact us to find out more!

Do you work with Bar Associations?
Yes- please contact us, as we offer member benefits for State Bar Associations.