Introducing CaseMark’s Lunch & Learn program

Unleash the potential of Generative AI at your legal organization.

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April 21, 2024
Introducing CaseMark’s Lunch & Learn program

There’s a lot of hand waving and speculation about the Legal GenAI revolution these days. The media lauds the power of AI for efficiency while at the same time raising concerns around security, privacy, and the ethical use of these technologies

You hear less about how AI has changed, and is changing, the way legal work is conducted on a daily basis. Or specifically how firms of different sizes (not just the mega firms) started using generative AI in a privacy-first, ethical and efficient way that changed their practice.

That’s why I’m excited to invite you to CaseMark’s Lunch & Learn

As a pioneer in legaltech, we want to share what we are learning from our customers as we build out the next generation of legaltech powered by AI. We’ll present to your law firm, legaltech, or litigation support company the basics of GenAI and share real-world stories of the successes (and gotchas) around adopting AI at your organization. Our free, 50 minute program is fast-paced and meant to be consumed during a lunch hour. 

Here are just some of the examples we’ll share. Discover how:

  • A civil rights firm navigates content filtering with uncensored large language models.
  • A PE firm uses AI to better understand SaaS contracts.
  • A plaintiff firm developed a litigation strategy across multiple-defendants with streamlined deposition summaries.

By sharing what is possible, we’re hoping to unlock at your organization the potential that GenAI brings in increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and most importantly shifting focus to strategic casework and client relationships. You can write to me directly at to book an online session. We’ll even come by in person if you’ve got a large enough team interested in this content.

I look forward to speaking with you!